Please read in full before placing a bid. By placing a bid you acknowledge you have read and agree to the terms of the auction.

Movers and Shakers LLP Auction Buyers Terms of Service Agreement. June 16th

Movers and Shakers LLP

Last edited June 16th 2021

Online Auction Buyer Terms and Conditions

Please read this document carefully prior to agreeing to these terms of service.

* This document template may be altered at anytime by Movers and Shakers to better reflect any legal or logistical requirements. Any changes will be highlighted at the top of the document, including the date of last edit.

Auctions are subject to a ‘soft close’. If an auction times down to xxxxx and another bid is received, the auction’s close time will be extended by xxxxx.  In the event of a dispute, computer records will be relied upon for accuracy.

Buyers pay a 15% buyers premium on top of the price listed as the sale price.

  1. Acknowledgement

Movers and Shakers (M&S) is a service to build value and trust between sellers and buyers. M&S provides an online platform for the selling of goods and acts on behalf of the seller as a facilitator for the sale of their personal items and as an intermediary between the seller and buyer.

Movers and Shakers for the purpose of this notice is providing a full-service online auction and marketing platform for goods.

Movers and Shakers and the Buyer both acknowledge the intent to work harmoniously for our mutual benefit and the success of this undertaking.

This agreement is to serve as a basis for a limited liability of all involved parties. Each individual is responsible for themselves and their actions.

These terms and conditions are made with the highest ethical standard. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to maintain the highest level of respect, integrity and quality of being when using our service and when interacting with other individuals utilizing and associated with our brand.

Failure to adhere to any of these terms may result in a loss of service privileges and a requirement to compensation for any fees, legal or otherwise.

  1. Registration

You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid credit card to bid on the auctions. When you bid on an item your card will have a pending transaction, upon completion of a won bid your credit card will be automatically charged.

  1. Sale of Items

Items are sold as is, where is.

All bids start at $1.00 and the highest bid wins the auction.

Minimum bidding may occur depending on a particular seller’s agreement.

Although taking part in the auction is unrestricted and open to all registered bidders, the Seller cannot directly or indirectly bid on their own items.

Items are described in a short and concise manner, and to the best of our ability.  Review the photos of an item carefully as this forms part of the item description.

M&S maintains the right to add or removal items from bids in advance of close if for any reason an item becomes unable to be sold. We may also occasionally add items after the start of an auction.

  1. The sale

The items identified by the Seller will be sold publicly, to the highest bidder through .

  1. Duration of sale

The auction duration can be set anywhere between 1 to 14 days, plus time extension from soft closes. The length of the auction is determined by the scheduling needs of the seller. Once the time has been set, it should not be decreased without extraordinary circumstance. In which event all past bidders would be notified.

  1. Bidding

Once an item is bid on the Buyer has legally committed to the purchase of the item.

Movers and Shakers is not responsible for any bids misplaced or lost. You are advised to monitor your bids especially as the auction moves closer to its close.

Auctions are subject to a ‘soft close’. If an auction times down to xxxxx and another bid is received, the auction’s close time will be extended by xxxxx.  In the event of a dispute, computer records will be relied upon for accuracy.

Buyers pay a 15% buyers premium on top of the price listed as the sale price.

  1. Pick up

Buyers are not to contact Sellers or trespass on their property for any reason. Buyers are provided with a precise location and time to pick up their winnings following the close of the auction.

Sold items will be picked up from a specified location. To respect the privacy of the Seller, until a pickup window and location has been provided, the buyer will be given the date, times and a nearby intersection as the location.

When arriving to pick up your item, you are expected to be respectful and courteous to the M&S employees. Failure to meet our moral standards of living may result in a loss of future bidding privileges.

Upon arriving to pick up an item a copy of the invoice (on your device or on paper), method of payment and ID will be required to verify your identity.  Ensure you have this information or you may not be able to pick up an item.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make arrangements to pick up any items purchased within the pickup window. No tools, packing material or help will be provided to pick up, move or disassemble items unless otherwise arranged for with M&S.

  1. Refunds

There will be no refunds unless a discrepancy is clearly notable. Only bid on items you know you want and can afford.

It is suggested that buyers check their purchases. In the event an item has been misrepresented or is not as indicated in the photo and/or description, it is within the rights of the Buyer to bring this to the attention of the M&S representative to discuss. Reasonable complaints will be mediated where ever possible, or the listing can be voided at the discretion of M&S. However, once an item is taken by the Buyer, the Buyer assumes responsibility and ownership of the item.

  1. Auction Interruptions

Movers and Shakers will not be liable for any auction interruptions. This will include, but not be limited to, power grid failure, internet hacking, acts of god, climate or other matters beyond our control. In the event an auction goes down, the auction will be paused until such time as it is back online. We will use any emails on file associated to the bidding of an auction to notify people of the auctions delay and continuation.

  1. Privacy

Any personal information collected will be used exclusively for the purpose of holding and managing an on-line auction and will not be sold or shared outside of the intended purpose. Sellers may be added to our mailing list, and can remove themselves at anytime. The seller’s item pick up location will only be shared with our staff and the buyers when the auction has concluded for the purpose of item pick up. For further information, refer to our Privacy Policy.