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Declutter Services can be known as a few things, one thing it can be known as is donation pick ups, another is junk removal. We don’t judge. What we do is try to value items as high as we can in the hopes to get items you no longer need into the hands of people that do want or need them. This saves you the trouble, helps the community, economy and the environment.

How does a quote for this service work? Well it can be done in a variety of ways, but at it’s core it is our mission to provide as much value as possible. So as a starting point, a general rule of thumb is $50 per cubic meter. This rate can include packing, moving, donating or recycling any items that you are looking to get rid of. Any additional dump fees outside of weight will be pasted along to the client, transparently up front.


Typical pick ups

Couches, Beds, wooden furniture, old technology, barques, outdoor furniture

What we also take

Treated wood, rubble, logs, debris, old barns, attics, shed, garage, and basement items.

What we cannot take

We cannot take hazardous chemicals, bio waste, batteries, we cannot do structural demolition, or poured cement.

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Our terms of service is available below to download or to read.

Movers and Shakers

Declutter terms of service.

Quoting work

All jobs need to be quoted prior to booking, this will be done by a member of ownership or management after an in person and video walk through has been reviewed.


All work will be quoted transparently based on all relevant factors.



Are they able to be donated or recycled

Weight of move,


Dump fees,


And other miscellaneous components all contribute to the quote.

Estimating a quote

Let’s say you are getting rid of 2 Mattresses, a large couch, an old exercise bike, 4 cubic meters of rubble and some old boxes.

The first part of the quote would be considering if we can find anywhere to donate any of the items. In this example the couch is in a quality enough to be donated.

The mattresses are not and neither is the exercise bike.

So this quote could be about $500 to take these items away and recycle appropriately.

Mattresses, $50 each plus dump fees,

Couch is $100 even though it is being donated; it’s moving, the truck, plus logistics,

Old exercise bike $50

4 Cubic meters of rubble $200

And $50 for some old boxes.

Based on locations, this $ could be increased or decreased, this is why a quote is always a good thing to have.


Trucks are currently being rented for all medium and large moves; Uhual has a 48 hour cancellation opportunity. They have assured us this is an extremely rare and irregular occurrence. But this is something to be aware of when utilsing our service. We do work with other rental companies and back up plans are always within the planning and consideration of our work and clients.


We always have insurance on our trucks, and individual cars, but we do not insure the move or movers unless otherwise agreed upon. Any liability remains with the individual parties. Each mover is responsible for themselves as independent contractors unless otherwise noted. Items packed without weight considerations will be left within the liability of the client. Additional protection moves are available as discussed and agreed upon before the start of a move.


Movers are hired on a contract basis; each mover is responsible for themselves as independent contractors unless otherwise noted.

Mask Policy

Please specify when contacting us if you require masks or do not require masks. We generally do not advise blocking airways or visuals when moving.

Covid Response Resources


Deposits maybe required depending on the size and location of your move, this will be discussed with you prior to you accepting our moving terms of service for your move.


The entire outstanding amount for the move is due upon completion of work. Any amount not paid with 48 hours is subject to 19.99% interest accumulation as you would expect with a balance outstanding on a credit card.

Cancelation policy

Either party can cancel their service outside of 72 hours without penalty.

Cancellation within 48 hours by the client is subject to one third the total cost of the move.

As previously stated if the truck is unavailable the client will be promptly notified and alternative resolutions will be discussed.

Privacy Policy