Long Haul Moving can be truly a challenge for people, as is the case with all moving and then add many more kilometres and it is not hard to see where the challenge comes from.


They can come from everywhere


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Long Haul moving made easier with Movers and Shakers


However the grace of using a known transparent business such as ourselves goes a long way for people. Knowing you have people working for you that will do all they can to be proactive with the challenges and with you every step of the way takes the stress off you.

Think of the stress of moving as just another thing we can move for you.

In July of 2021 we did our first long haul move and our clients were truly thrilled all their items made it over 1500 km without any damages was a great load of everyone’s back.

We take our time and make sure we pack everything with the highest regard possible. We will be upfront throughout the journey, thereby keeping you in position at all times to know where things are and how it’s going.


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Staging day

On staging day for a long haul move most especially. You really need to get all the items accessible for the lead packer to best know how to load and fill ever space possible. Another major consideration is the weight of items to assure a balanced load closer to the cab of the truck. So heavy stuff goes on first as a base along with heavy boxes and lighter boxes and fill in items on top for maximum space utilisation.


Fully Pack Truck

Ready to get on the road with a fully packed truck. This load was over 6000 kg, it had 4 Kayaks, and many wonderful pieces including art which saw little to no distress during its 1500 km journey from Horseshoe Valley road between Barrie and Coldwater, and Seaside New Brunswick.

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Off Loading Day in Seaside New Brunswick

This is just the start of a an easy stress free offload on the other end.


Long haul moving done safely and professionally. From Barrie Ont, Movers and Shakers is your local personable long haul moving solution.

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