Mason & Risch Toronto build apartment size piano, with custom wooden bench

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This apartment size piano would be perfect for any passionate player, overall its in wonderful condition, it works perfectly. To move this piano out of the basement it is a straight shot through the garage, a few steps up and your on level with the garage. The custom made benches contents is not included. Noted wear and tear including one side of the sheet music stand. Sheet music stand still functions. Piano was purchased roughly 20 years ago and was $200 dollars plus delivery, used with love and care for a growing family. This families eldest daughter learned to play on this piano.

Piano 58 wide 24 deep, 41 inch tall. Custom bench 42 wide, 15 deep, 19 tall.

/ History of this brand of pianos, the exact age of this piano is unknown. Mason & Risch
Thomas G. Mason, Vincent Risch and Octavius Newcombe entered into partnership in 1871 to form the firm of ?Mason, Risch & Newcombe? in Toronto. The firm started out as retailers of pianos, organs and musical merchandise, initially importing their instruments from the United States.
Mason, Risch & Newcombe begin building their own instruments in Toronto in about 1877, and these instruments were met with great success. In 1878 the firm was reorganized as ?Mason & Risch? when Newcombe left the partnership to open his own firm. Mason & Risch quickly became one of the largest music store chains in Canada. Mason & Risch built high quality pianos for decades, and enjoyed a very good reputation.
In 1900 Mason & Risch entered into a contact with Eaton?s Department Stores, Canada?s largest department store chain, to build pianos under the brand name of ?T. Eaton?. Instruments labeled as ?T. Eaton? were sold in Eaton?s Department Stores for decades, giving Mason & Risch the revenue needed to survive the economic downturns of the 20th Century. The firm also produced a successful line of organs under the ?Vocalian? brand name.
In the 1950?s, the firm was purchased by the Winter Piano Company of New York, and it became part of the large Aeolian-American Corporation. The Mason & Risch brand name was discontinued in 1972./ (

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Dimensions 60.96 × 147.32 × 104.14 cm

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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