Last updated March 16th 2022

Here at Movers and Shakers we has a generous referral policy. This is how we do sales, by being key members for the betterment of our communities, always ready to lend a helping hand for those in need.

First time referrals

The first time you refer someone who uses Movers and Shakers for any job costing $100 or more, you make 5% of the gross revenue up to $50

For your second referral you get 5% up to $100

This means if you refer a $2000 dollar move, you just made $100.

These figures are before tax.

Established Referral Program

Now once you have done three referrals, you become a part of our established referral program. This means instead of 5% of gross, you get 10% of gross sales. Additional terms of service do apply. Inquire for details.

Same example as above, you refer a job for $2000 you make $200.

What this does is allows people an opportunity to do sales for us, we are a transparent business and so we always want to be upfront about where money is going and why, and we truly value and appreciate people bringing us business. So the opportunity to do sales for us is very real. This is our program to allow anyone this opportunity. Word of mouth is a form of integrity based sales that never gets old.

Another great part about this opportunity is because we are renting trucks, utilising qualified contractors and looking to keep busy. We can take ramp up and down our operations as needed. So you won’t have to worry about us being to busy.

We will be ready and happy to help!