What do we do at Movers and Shakers? 

We at Movers and Shakers are foremost movers, we offer cost effective moving solutions done by real people for real people, minimising middle men and overhead to save people, time, money and stress. We take pride in our communication skills, quality of service and care for our clients needs.

We also provide a complete Moving Made Easy solution service which allows a family or business to reduce or eliminate the hassle of doing a large quantity of individual organisation and preparing, without the stress. This gives our clients the opportunity to know everything will be taken care of with professional quality control and management practices.

The third service we provide which ties in with the first two, is we provide a decluttering service, this means picking up items and finding places to recycle them. Whenever possible we hope to avoid landfills, so when you need to clean up your garage, shed, attic, basement, a spare bedroom or your yard. We will be happy to help.

We can even tie in all 3 services at once, saving you even more!

Movers and Shakers Core Values

Movers and Shakers values our community and the wellness of others very highly. We honour ourselves in everyone we meet, including the many faces of nature by working symbiotically. This means taking lessons from nature and the times to do our best for one another.

Mike and Joseph


About the Owners

Mike Wold is a family man, inventor, entrepreneur and community ambassador.

After working for others for a large part of his career, Mike now has the team, time, and experience to launch his own brand of moving, and estate related solutions.

Joseph McDonald is a consultant, philosopher philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

After over 3 years working on a contract basis as a professional mover, Joseph has been doing more and more moves for people and so it only seemed natural to expand the brand into the general market of providing more solutions to make the lives of others easier.


About the name Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers came to be after a multi day process of highlighting names that really described the business and some of our basic brand values. We wanted to include things like, value, love, bid, to name a few. It was not until Tiffany, Mike’s wife suggested that we look up words affiliated with auctions that this gem came into sight. Among the terms was Movers and Shakers. “What is that?” Joseph said.

As stated on a Wikipedia page we found.
“The term “Movers and shakers” was coined by poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy in his 1874 poem Ode. and is commonly used to describe powerful and worldly individuals and groups and those who make great accomplishments.”

Arthur O'Shaughnessy, ca 1875. Coined the term Movers and Shakers in his poem Ode
This is a picture of Arthur, O’Shaughnessy. Public domain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_O%27Shaughnessy#/media/File:Arthur_O’Shaughnessy_-_portrait_2.jpg

Once Tiffany read this to the two owners, they mutually looked at each other and smiled. Over the next few days they spoke to more people and then a short while after that, the name and domain were registered. Everyone liked and encouraged the name, many liked how it stood out for having a deeper meaning.

Not only did the name describe who we were, but it also described our clients. Our clients are those who speak in actions as much as words, and really love to help the world and do well for their families.

“This name is perfect on so many levels.”