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Business name: Mel and Anth

Location: Durham Parish, NB, + Online

Business overview: Healers and retreat centre


[email protected]

Listed services: Healing retreats, couples retreats, and online health and wellness resource

Relation to Movers and Shakers: Past clients, friends,

Last updated: July 26th


Mel and Anth, healers, healing retreat, @melandanth,  http://www.melandanth.com/, true healing, alternative healing, holistic healing, advanced healing, sound healing, light healing,  new brunswick




Business name: Stun Fitness

Location: 778 Francis Rd, Burlington, Ontario, L7T4A3, + Online

Business overview: Stun Fitness offers clients aged 13+; One-on-One Training, Group Classes and Fascial Stretch Therapy to achieve health, wellness and athletic goals.

Contact: (647) 236-3399 [email protected]


Listed services: Personal Coaching, Small Group Training, Fascia Stretch Therapy, Online Group Training, Custom Program Design

Relation to Movers and Shakers: Past clients, friends,

Last updated: July 29th


Stun Fitness, personal coaching, small group training, online group training, custom designed programs, physio, injury recovery, muscle work, weight loss,  Fascia Stretch Therapy, mississauga, Burlington, Toronto, Hamilton,




Business name: The Indie Distributor

Location: 2207 Industrial Park Rd, Innisfil, ON L9S 3V9, + Online

Business overview: The Indie Distributor is a new platform showcasing up and
coming independent music. For submissions, please send email

Contact: (705) 722-3939 [email protected]



Listed services: Marketing, sales, promotion of independent music

Relation to Movers and Shakers: Sponsored by Movers and Shakers, friends.

Last updated: July 29th



Live music, 400 market, Indie Distributor, The Indie Distributor, local bands, Independent music, local talent, great music, acoustic music, guitar, singing,





Business Name: Thrive with Shannon

Location: Barrie, ON; also online

Business Overview: I am a health and wellness professional offering in person and virtual fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching services.

Contact: 705-791-2350, [email protected], https://linktr.ee/thrivewithshannon

Listed Services: Virtual fitness and nutrition coaching, in person private Pilates classes.

Relation to Movers and Shakers: Friend and client.


health and wellness professional, virtual fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching services., thrive, thrive with Shannon,  Young Living, Barrie Ontario, and also online,


Business name: Lifted Lachance Designs

Location: 249 Saunders rd, Barrie, ON

Business overview: We offered branding, marketing and all forms of printing.

Contact: 7054437807 [email protected]


Listed services: Printing, apparel, screen printing, signage.

Relation to Movers and Shakers: They are a client and a friend

Last updated: Aug 1st


Lifted Lachance, custom apparel, Barrie Ontario, Printing, lawn signs, screen printing and embroidery, lifestyle, live music, community supporter, video production




Business name: Georgian Security

Location: Barrie, ON

Business overview: Security services (Alarms and Cameras) for Homes and Businesses

Contact: 705-279-7175 [email protected] http://www.GeorgianSecurity.com

Listed services: Alarms, CCTV, Security Cameras

Relation to Movers and Shakers: Past clients

Last updated: Aug 8th





Business name: Georgian Lights

Location: Barrie, ON

Business overview: Permanent exterior lighting systems

Contact: 705-300-7816 [email protected] http://www.GeorgianLights.com

Listed services: Exterior holiday and ARCHITECTURAL Lighting

Relation to Movers and Shakers: Past clients

Last updated: Aug 8th



Business name: Be-Still~~A Place of Learning  & Healing

Location: 6 Queen St. W. Elmvale, L0L 1P0

Business overview: Be-Still is a place for profound healing, growth and spiritual development. This is also a community hub for those on the path of enlightenment, through the Spiritual Awakening Discussion Group Thursdays 1-3 pm & monthly Light-bearers meeting 2nd Mon of every month 6:30 pm.

Contact: 705-515-1000 [email protected]


Listed services: Counselling, meeting space, metaphysical bookstore

Relation to Movers and Shakers: Past client and friend

Last updated: Aug 15th



Business name: Gracepetals

Location: online

Business overview: I offer readings specializing in relationship and career issues, coaching and counseling sessions, animal communication

Contact: http://www.gracepetals.com

Listed services: Intuitive, Life Coach, Counselor, Animal Communicator

Relation to Movers and Shakers: I am a past client of Movers and Shakers

Last updated: Aug 30th




Business name: Joe Company Consulting     

Location: Angus/Barrie/Midland area, + Online

Business overview: Joe Company Consulting is a platform for philosopher and consultant Joseph McDonald to assist people and businesses with a wide variety of services including small business development and many diverse projects spanning outward from there.

Contact: (416) 998-5037 [email protected]



Listed services: Business Development, Websites, Marketing, Sales, Philosophical work

Relation to Movers and Shakers: Owner

Last updated: July 29th